Hasbara Culture and the Curse of Bibi-ism

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Editor’s NoteYakov Hirsch is a person who came to our attention on Twitter, where he regularly assails “hasbara culture,” a banner under which he regularly berates a group of Jewish journalists including Liel Leibovitz at Tablet, Bret Stephens of The New York Times, and Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, and also the thinker Sam Harris. 

What separated Hirsch’s attacks from run-of-the-mill social media invective, at least in our read, was that they didn’t rely on the usual lazy thought categories like “right-wing,” or “liberal,” or “neocon” or “anti-Israel,” which have been largely emptied of any specific meaning, and become labels intended to put some writer or thinker beyond the pale for whatever group. Instead, he seems most offended by the idea that these writers are something else—but what? 

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