Tel Aviv's Indie Bands Take SxSW by Storm

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It’s not that common that an Israeli indie rock band will go all the way from the Middle-East to tour all over the USA. Usually, the itinerary would stay within the limits of Europe, and flying all the way across the Atlantic demands a good enough reason. In the case of Lola Marsh, a romantic folk-pop duo from Tel Aviv, an invitation to showcase in SxSW music festival in Austin is definitely worth the time, money, and effort. After nine successful gigs over five days in the Texas capitol, also known as the “Live Music Capitol of The World”, they obviously left a mark on the audience—local and foreign. With simple lyrics in English and charming catchy harmonies, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the band, its sweet vocalist Yael Shoshana Cohen and guitarist Gil Landau.

Lola Marsh’s pilgrimage to Austin started earlier this month with shows in Brooklyn, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Savannah, Georgia. The American tour culminated in SxSW, where bands from all over the world fight for the fans and media attention. While dealing with sound system malfunctions (a common event in the festival’s assembly line of concerts), Cohen and Landau managed to create an unmediated connection with their audiences, and pull them into their playful fantasy world. Backed up by their supporting crew (Mati Gilad on the bass, his brother Micha Gilad on the keyboards, and Dekel Dvir on the drums), Lola Marsh earned the trust of the fans who seemed very receptive to their lovely positivism.

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