How to Scout Jewish Football Players Without Seeming Anti-Semitic: A Guide

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So you’ve made it. You’re an NFL scout! Congratulations: You have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. So what if you have a few minor limitations, like racism, anti-Semitism, and a tendency to brush aside stuff like domestic violence? It’s your ability to spot talent that matters.

If you doubt that, just think back to the 2017 draft, when a lot of you scouts advised your general managers not to draft quarterback Deshaun Watson before Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky is white, Watson is black, and, well, you just had your doubts. But now that Deshaun Watson is looking like a generational player while Mitchell Trubisky, to put it mildly, does not, you’ve learned your lesson, right? Apparently not, because you went ahead and made the same mistake again this year while scouting Lamar Jackson, who is black, and deciding that he’d be better off playing wide receiver, because he’s fast and speaks with a country twang. So you let Jackson tumble all the way down to the very end of round one in the 2018 draft, where the Ravens got one heck of a deal, drafting Jackson thirty-second overall.

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