What to Watch This Weekend: 'The Stranger'

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Every Friday, our resident film fanatic Alex Aciman will dig deep into the pile of cinematic masterpieces and fish out one forgotten classic you should watch soonest.

In 1946, Orson Welles directed and starred in The Stranger, a film about a former Nazi living under cover in an idyllic American town. I can only imagine that this film—which was one of the earliest prototypes of the “Nazis hiding out in America” genre—spoke to one of the greatest postwar paranoias. Wells plays a high-ranking Nazi who has taken a job as a history teacher in a New England prep school and is engaged to the daughter of a Supreme Court Justice. His new life begins to unravel when a fellow former Nazi comes to find him. Meanwhile, a law man played by Edward G. Robinson begins to sniff out Welles’ character, whom the government has been trying to locate since the end of the war.

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