The Philosopher of Israel's Inner Conflict

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Last year, Micah Goodman had the strangest feeling. It was as if every person in Israel was reading his new book, Catch-67. He’s no egomaniac; if anything, he’s modest to a fault. But Israel is a small country and his book was the No. 1 nonfiction bestseller for the whole year. Wherever he turned, it seemed, someone had read it and wanted to talk.

Goodman wrote Catch-67 to jump-start a national conversation, and it worked. Israel’s three elites—the political, military, and media establishments—devoured it. Goodman knows this because he discussed it with nearly all of them. They reached out to him, or, if someone told him that this general or that cabinet minister was reading it, he’d say, “Really? Do you happen to have their email?” and he’d reach out to them. It was every author’s dream.

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